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HP and Nvidia Host Project To Design Mars Colony

Registration is open to be part of a project to design a Mars Colony and have it rendered in VR.

HP Mars Home Planet is a project that aims to bring together designers, inventors and those who are enthusiastic and knowledgable about space travel to devise plans for the colonisation of Mars.

Launching at SIGGRAPH 2017, the project participants will work to design an urban area suitable for one million colonists on Mars. The designs will then be brought to life using Nvidia graphics technology with 3D photorealistic renders and virtual reality (VR) views.

There are several VR experiences that are designed around exploring the Red Planet, including Fusion’s Mars 2030. Far from being just another VR experience, the HP Mars Home Planet project hopes to actually shape the future of space travel.

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“Mars Home Planet is a fantastic opportunity to explore how this evolving medium will shape our future,” said Logan Brown, executive producer of the Technicolor Experience Center and US head of VR and immersive content at MPC Film. “It will provide opportunities to solve some of society’s greatest challenges – from planning the cities of the future to helping medical patients feel less pain, to connecting families across the globe.”

“Mars Home Planet is an HP and NVIDIA-led project to create a VR experience for humanity’s future on Mars,” says Rick Champagne, worldwide segment manager for media & entertainment, HP Z workstations. “Continuing our work with Technicolor, a leader in high-quality immersive experience, with the help of the world’s creative community, everyone on Earth will be able to experience what life on Mars might be like.”

Those who are interested in participating in the HP Mars Home Planet project can register on the HP Website. The first 10,000 to register will be given access to Fusion Mars 2030 and its terrain files.

VRFocus will bring you further information on HP Mars Home Planet as it becomes available.

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