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HTC Vive Unveils New Trailer for Viveport Subscription

Get the Viveport subscription service with a one month free trial.

It’s sometimes difficult to afford all the videogames you want to buy. With a lot of great content available for virtual reality (VR) platforms, it is sometimes hard to decide what to spend your hard-earned cash on. HTC Vive owners tend to have an easier time of it with the Viveport Subscription.

The Viveport Subscription service works in a similar fashion to the PlayStation Plus service, though instead of the titles being picked for you, the customer is king, able to choose five title every month to experience on the HTC Vive. You can then choose to keep the titles selected, or change them within the first 3 days of the next subscription period.

Over 230 titles on the Viveport platform are available to try, including highly regarded and critically acclaimed titles such as Tilt Brush, Fantastic Contraption or Airborne VR 1944. Some titles have been limited to only being available to customers with a Viveport subscription, such as Sky Sanctuary and MageWorks.

Tilt Brush - Audio Reactive_1

HTC Vive owners can test out the Viveport Subscription with a free trial, which allows the customer to subscribe for a month for free. If the customer no longer wishes to continue with the service after that point, it can be cancelled on the web or through the Vive software.

The Viveport subscription costs £6.99 (GBP) a month. Further details can be found on the Viveport website. You can watch the new trailer below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on HTC Vive products and services as it becomes available.

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