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Jaunt China Releases Content Worldwide

For the first time, Chinese language content will be available on the Jaunt VR app outside of China.

Jaunt VR is well known as one of the biggest distributors of immersive content, with regional offices producing 360-degree experiences for a worldwide audience. That’s apart from Jaunt China, which has only released content specifically aimed at Chinese viewers. However, from today that’s going to change with Jaunt announcing that for the first time Chinese language content will be available on the Jaunt VR app.

These will include Starry Night, a dynamic VR “oil painting” inspired by Van Gogh’s masterpiece; The Tibetan, a documentary that showcases Tibetan customs and traditions, Our Shanghai, a Shanghai tourism virtual reality (VR) experience starring the famous Shanghainese actor Hu Ge, and Cacao and Yangxiu, a classic Chinese story about famous ancient hero Cacao, one of the central figures of the Three Kingdoms period.

JauntVR OurShanghai

“Unique content has always been a hallmark of Jaunt and we are thrilled to feature the best Mandarin language content in the Jaunt App to users around the world from our partner Jaunt China,” said Mitzi Reaugh, VP, Global Strategy and Business Development. “This is not only a major step in pushing our experiences to the rest of the globe, but it strengthens our place as a platform with the best distribution strategy in the industry.”

Jaunt China premiered its VR app on Xiaomi VR in June, whilst Chinese customers can also get the app on PlayStation VR, Huawei VR, Samsung Gear VR and Cardboard. The app will also be coming to iOS and HTC Vive this month.

“Our vision is to build a borderless platform for creators to share their wonderful stories and immersive experiences with audiences around the world,” said James Fong, CEO of Jaunt China in a statement. “We launched Jaunt China a mere six months ago and began introducing Western titles to the Chinese viewers; today, we are at another milestone and are pleased to introduce some of the best content produced by Chinese artists to Jaunt’s global users. Today’s release is just a sample of the amazing content that is yet to come. We look forward to bringing China’s best creators and their beautiful works on to the world stage.”

You’ll be able to find Jaunt China world within the Jaunt VR app. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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