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League of War is Coming to PlayStation VR

Popular mobile strategy franchise is getting an iteration on PlayStation VR.

The strategy genre has received something of a boost from the increasing popularity of virtual reality (VR). That trend looks set to continue, as San Francisco-based developer MunkyFun have announced that its popular mobile strategy franchise League of War will be coming to PlayStation VR with League of War: VR Arena.

Probably best known for its iteration on smartphones, titled League of War: Mercenaries, the developers are bringing the strategy experience to PlayStation VR. Players will be able to fight against human or AI opponents, building, placing and directing units to the battlefield to take out the enemy.

League of War: VR Arena will allow players to control 12 units, including tanks, soldiers, flamethrowers and helicopters, of which four can be deployed at any one time. Strategy comes in selecting the best deployment and placement and careful managing of resources. Using the PlayStation Move controllers to direct the action, like a general overseeing a strategy table. A single player campaign mode and quick-play Arcade mode will both be available at launch.

League of War: VR Arena is designed to be a powerful experience that puts players in charge of a high tech, aggressive army on a living, tabletop-style battlefield,” said Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-Founder of MunkyFun, Inc. “As you throw your units into battle, strategically choosing between quick strikes and slower but more powerful units, your opponent does the same, creating a pulse-pounding mix of strategy and action that is highly engaging on PlayStation VR.”

MunkyFun are anticipating a release date some time in Autumn 2017. A price point for the title has yet to be confirmed.

VRFocus will bring you further information on League of War: VR Arena and other PlayStation VR titles as it becomes available.

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