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Lenovo Windows 10 Mixed Reality Headset Gets Official Name

Lenovo announces the Lenovo Explorer Windows 10 mixed reality headset.

Lenovo was announced as one of the companies creating the Windows 10 Mixed Reality headsets earlier this year, alongside other brands such as Dell, Acer and ASUS. Lenovo has now announced the official name of the device: the Lenovo Explorer.

Full details on the device, such as a full specification list, are yet to be unveiled, but Lenovo have confirmed that there will be more than 100 virtual reality (VR) compatible videogames and apps available for the device on launch. The company further says that users will be able to access Microsoft Office, explore ‘holo-tours’ and use a virtual office environment as well as play VR videogames and watch 360-degree video.

Curiously, the website for the Lenovo Explorer specifically mentioned Xbox titles as follows: “Be the hero in popular Xbox games in a world you deserve.” Most take this to mean playing Xbox titles via the Windows 10 Xbox app, but it is a curious choice of phrasing since several analysts have noted that cross-compatibility between Xbox One and Windows 10 would, theoretically, be fairly easy for the Mixed reality devices, a point raised by head of Xbox China Xie Enwei.

Microsoft have previously confirmed that there will be MR projects for top Microsoft franchise Halo, and there are plans for have Windows 10 MR devices, such as the Lenovo Explorer, compatible with Steam VR.

A price point and release date for the Lenovo Explorer has yet to be confirmed, though it is expected to launch sometime in December, 2017 and the price will likely be comparable to the HP and Acer devices, which are currently priced at $329 (USD) and $299 respectively.

VRFocus will bring you further information on the Lenovo Explorer and other Windows 10 MR devices as it becomes available.

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