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Life In 360°: On The Ragged Edge At The TT

Scream if you want to go faster. Scream louder if you want to slow down.

If you don’t like speed, pure unadulterated, fully unleashed acceleration than I can guarantee today’s visit to the world of 360 degree video will not be one for you. We’re off to the Isle of Man once again, having previously taken a trip through the countryside on the Manx Electric Railway and a more fast paced outing courtesy of the Official Isle of Man TT YouTube channel. Well, a year since then we’ve had another TT race on the island and the channel has once again given us a trip around the course – but this time at race pace.

And goodness me, is it fast.

The On Bike lap features Austria’s Horst Saiger blasting down tight roads at a phenomenal pace via his Swiss Moto Kawasaki. In fact, the look back at Saiger’s face, a wide-eyed mask of concentration as the road, scenery, sky and other riders zip past in the opposite direction is almost as interesting as seeing everything speed towards you. It’s a 19 minute plus 360 degree video, but one you could quite easily enjoy solely from two angles.

VRFocus will be back soon with another look at the different things people are recording and the ways people are using 360 degree video technology.

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