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Life In 360°: Samsung Jump Off A Bridge

It’s all in the aid of selling the Gear 360 camera tho.

Most of the time on Life in 360° we show off videos from publishers, organisations and also the general public but every so often we feature official videos from the actual platform holders themselves. That’s the case today with a video from Samsung Mobile themselves – and it’s not one for those of you afraid of heights.

I almost feel like I need to apologise there’s been a lot of 360 videos recently that could give you a bit of a scare – still at least this one has not mutant doctors or demonic clowns in them, right? Instead it’s a bungee jump. A simple, straightforward bungee jump off of a bridge with one participant strapped to two Samsung Gear 360 cameras. One on the helmet and one on the wrist.

If you’re looking to do a bungee jump of course this could be an interesting way to prepare yourself. Whatever the case the video is below and you can find out more about the Gear 360 camera here. VRFocus will be back with more examples of 360 degree video next week.


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