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Light Tracer Confirmed for September Release on PlayStation VR

Adventure-puzzle-platform hybrid uses perspective to solve puzzles and progress further.

Indie publisher Oasis Games have announced that its upcoming puzzle-adventure title Light Tracer will be coming to PlayStation VR in September 2017.

Developed by Void Dimensions, Light Tracer puts the player in the role of a mysterious but powerful entity wielding a staff of light, who is guiding a princess up a tower. The player must guide the princess as she climbs an ancient, dangerous and improbably constructed tower as she searches for a cure to a disease that has struck her people.

Players can use perspective to solve puzzles, spinning the world into the right viewpoint and interacting with the game world by flipping switches and moving items in order to open the way to let the princess climb ever higher. As you progress, you will slowly uncover more about the world, the tower and the princess.

Point of view is critical to solving many puzzles in Light Tracer, as the player has the option to move and spin the tower, along with clicking on triggers, doors and moving objects, as well as directing the princess to swing her sword to defend herself.

Light Tracer is planned to have eight chapters, each of which has a different environment theme, such as ice, fire or mechanical, each featuring a different style of puzzles, at each new stage introducing a new element such as gravity changes along with new enemies to defeat and new platform-based challenges to overcome.

Light Tracer will be coming to PlayStation VR in September 2017. VRFocus will bring you further news on this title as it becomes available.

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