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Lone Echo and Echo Arena Both Receive Improvements in Latest Patch

You’ll still need plenty of RAM for smooth gameplay however.

Last month saw the release of the highly anticipated space adventure Lone Echo and its accompanying multiplayer experience Echo Arena. The response to both has been good but improvements can still be made. Now Ready at Dawn has released an update for both titles, improving the former’s performance and the latter’s matchmaking.

While Lone Echo is certainly a beautiful looking videogame those visuals come at a price, with reports of players suffering from dropped framerates and crashes due to the demand on their PC. The update aims to rectify this, with the studio optimizing different sections of the title smoothing out those issues. You’ll still need a decent amount of RAM however. If you’ve got 8GB RAM or less you may still get performance issues, while if you’re under 12GB RAM then default settings will be changed to ‘low’.

Echo Arena new

As for Echo Arena, Ready at Dawn has fixed skill-based matchmaking so that players should be matched up with others of a similar skill level. Additionally, matchmaking has now been adjusted so a game will not begin until there’s at least one player on each team.

There are plenty of other bug fixes and tweaks added. Head on over to Ready at Dawn’s Medium post if you want to see them all.

If you’ve not tried Lone Echo yet, checkout VRFocus’ five star review which said: “Lone Echo perfectly showcases how a beautiful cinematic experience can be achieved in VR, from the storyline, to the graphics through to the gameplay, all of it’s been worked together to create a videogame of epic proportions.”

If you don’t have the cash for Lone Echo you can still pickup Echo Arena for free for three months thanks to the studio receiving sponsorship from Intel.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Ready at Dawn, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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