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AR Tribe screenshot 1

Luden.Io Reveals First Alpha Footage of ARKit Title ARrived

The title sees improved lighting and character interactions.

Last month VRobot developer revealed its first early results of using Apple’s ARKit, showcasing a god simulator called AR Tribe. Well today the studio has unveiled further details about what it’s been up to over the last few weeks, with a new video showcasing the title in alpha form as well as a new name, ARrived. 

As you can see from the video below, ARrived looks a lot more polished than its predecessor, with the graphic and lighting greatly improved – there’s even a day/night cycle where fireflies appear. The characters also respond to where the player is, turning their heads and waving no matter where they move to.


ARrived is a god simulator where players have to look after and guide their tribe, just this time it’s using AR, so these digital folks are in the real-world as well. The videogame will allow players to choose from a range of options to improve the prosperity of their tribe whilst at the same time the tribe comes to them for advice.

As it’s still in early development the team hasn’t yet stated when ARrived will be launching. As ever, VRFocus will continue its coverage of Luden.io, reporting back with further updates.


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