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AR Tribe screenshot 1

Luden.io Reveals Some of the Concept Artwork Behind ARrived

The AR title is coming along nicely.

Since the announcement of Apple’s augmented reality (AR) app ARKit more and more developers have been showcasing their creations. Earlier this week Luden.io revealed the first alpha footage of its project ARrived, a god like simulator. Now VRFocus has some concept art for you to look at, detailing the some of the environments and characters.

Most of the artwork can be seen in the alpha footage, with the various tribes people who’ll look up to players for guidance when building their civilisation.

From bearded guys with clubs and shamans, to levels with waterfalls a nighttime scenes with fireflies dancing around, these concept ideas give a good understanding of how the videogame has grown and progressed.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Luden.io and ARrived, reporting back with further updates.

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