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Megaton Rainfall Finally Gets Release Date

Superhero sim in the works since 2015 will be coming to PlayStation VR in September 2017.

Superhero simulator Megaton Rainfall has been a long time in the making. First being covered by VRFocus back in early 2015, the title has finally had the date of its official release for PlayStation VR as September 2017.

Developer Alfonso del Cerro has been hard at work on the title, aiming to deliver and sense of immersion, power and movement. Megaton Rainfall puts the player in the role of a powerful superhero who must save the world from an alien invasion, but there is a problem; if you miss your target even slightly, massive collateral damage will follow. Too much damage, and it’s game over.

The title allows for the procedural generation of the entire planet, including cities 200 square miles in size than can be cross in seconds, thanks to the power of supersonic flight. While the player character is invincible, each city has a health bar that diminishes with each alien attack, or if you miss your target and accidentally demolish a skyscraper.

megaton rainfall 1

Initially the work of just one developer, now head developer, Alfonso del Cerro, after receiving support from Sony, the team expanded to include artists and illustrators to complete the project, as well as music provided by David Garcia.

Megaton Rainfall will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, with an enhanced 4K mode available for the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will be able to render at 60fps with checkerboard rendering, or will increase the supersampling rate for the PlayStation VR version.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Megaton Rainfall as it becomes available.

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