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win10 MR headsets

Microsoft Windows 10 Mixed Reality Headsets Now Available

Developer versions of HP and Acer Windows 10 headsets now available to buy.

Microsoft originally opened up pre-orders for the Windows 10 development kit version of the mixed reality (MR) headsets back in May. Now it has been revealed that the devices are now available for anyone to buy through the Microsoft Store.

The two versions of the MR headset that are currently available at the Acer and HP versions. The Acer variant costs $299 (USD) while the HP version is more expensive at $329. The two devices are basically identical in specification, though the HP version has a removable cable, which some analysts speculate is to facilitate the eventual addition of untethered MR experiences.

The two headset are still listed as the Developer Version, though Microsoft’s Alex Kipman said at Microsoft’s Build 2017 event that the development versions will be fundamentally the same as the consumer versions when they are finally released. The Microsoft Store pages for the devices is offering free shipping and free returns for the devices, though as of writing the HP version is listed as ‘Out of Stock’.

Microsoft Acer Headset

Other headsets are expected from ASUS, Dell and Lenovo. The various form factors from the manufacturers were briefly glimpsed during the WinHEC (Windows Hardware Development Conference) which showed what the currently unreleased devices would look like. Attendees at the Computex Expo also got a look at the ASUS and Dell headsets.

A release date from the headsets created by ASUS, Dell and Lenovo has yet to be confirmed, though indications are that they will be released before the end of 2017. Microsoft were initially promising a commercial release for its MR Windows 10 headsets for December 2017, it is unknown if this is still the case.

VRFocus will continue to keep you informed on the latest news on Microsoft’s VR/MR products.

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