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Motion Capture Firm Vicon Team Up with Manus VR

Manus VR data glove will be incorporated into motion capture technology.

The use of motion capture is film and videogames goes back further than most people think, but its use has really exploded over the past decade. However, motion capture is still a difficult and expensive process. Vicon are hoping to change that by introducing the Manus VR data glove into its available technology pipeline.

Vicon are a supplier of motion capture technology, for entertainment, research, engineering and science. The company is aiming to introduce the Manus VR data glove into its suite of technology in order to offer clients capabilities such as finger tracking and haptic feedback. At present, full-finger tracking is often difficult, particularly in areas where there are obstacles, or the actor’s pose makes it difficult. The gap is often filled with costly and time-consuming CGI animation. The Manus VR system makes the process easier and cheaper.

“The integration with Manus VR expands Vicon’s tracking capabilities, giving users the ability to gather accurate finger data in real time. The gloves’ intuitive design provides consistent and low latency analysis, aiding the creation of truly immersive experiences,” said Tim Doubleday, VFX product manager at Vicon. “Manus VR’s focus on innovation supports our vision to help customers bridge the gap between physical and virtual worlds.”

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For development of virtual reality (VR) experiences, finger tracking becomes even more important, as it allows players to become further immersed in the virtual environment, able to interact with objects in a naturalistic way. For areas such as training, medicine or engineering, being able to accurately track finger movement makes a big difference in how successful the VR applications are.

“This was a natural next step in providing customers with an advanced full-body tracking system,” said Maarten Witteveen, CTO of Manus VR. “With the boundaries of virtual reality ever expanding, it’s important for us to partner with a motion capture pioneer like Vicon to equip customers with an unlimited amount of possibilities.”

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