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MyDream Interactive’s Reese Holland talks Candy Squad

Aim for the graham cracker and cherry on top.

Candy Squad has been reviewed by VRFocus before, and is a fun simple game for virtual reality (VR) where you are thrown into a world of candy. You take control of a hammer made of candy and have to hit fifteen type of invaders in order to prevent them from reaching the Giant Rock Candy Crystal inside a giant marshmallow. The best way of doing this is by collecting candy wisps that are floating around to power up your hammer.

The higher you power up the more candy invaders you can kill,.You’ll know when your hammer is charged to its ultimate power when a graham cracker and cherry appear on it. You then throw this hammer at candy invaders on their way to the Giant Rock Candy Crystal and the more it’s powered up, the more invaders it hits. A little bit of strategy is needed and quick decisions on when and what to hit with your hammer.

You do all of this without any hands, you simply use your head instead. It’s done completely by gaze. With a scoreboard at the end, the idea is that you try and compete with your friends for the best high score. Reese Holland, Community Manager and Quality Assurance Engineer from MyDream Interactive, explains the best methods in the video below.

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