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Nvidia Debuts Isaac-trained Robot in VR at SIGGRAPH 2017

Attendees will be able to interact with the AI robot in VR and real life.

SIGGRAPH 2017 is well underway, running for the entirety of this week. The first two days have already seen a few virtual reality (VR) related announcements and now VRFocus has another. While NVIDIA is mainly known for its graphics cards the tech company has its fingers in a lot of different pies, especially when it comes to immersive technology, and for SIGGRAPH the company will be demonstrating an Isaac-trained robot in VR and real-life.

Attendees at the event will be able to get the first hands-on public demo Isaac, a robot trained with NVIDIA’s Isaac Lab robot simulator, to show how VR can help teach robots the nuanced task of interacting with people. Robots in the future maybe used for all manner of everyday tasks so NVIDIA is teaching the AI-enabled robot things like pouring a cup of coffee, playing dominoes or caring for the elderly.


As Zvi Greenstein, General Manager at NVIDIA’s GeForce team explains in a blog posting: “You’ll be able to go head-to-head with Isaac in the physical world on the show floor. And you’ll be able to strap on a VR headset, and enter a simulation via Project Holodeck.

“Deep learning and computer vision have been combined to teach a robot to sense and respond to human presence, to identify the state of the play of the game, to understand the legal moves of the game, and to determine which tile to select and how to place it.

“By developing and training robots in a simulated world and then working with those robots in a virtual reality environment like Project Holodeck, researchers can deploy them to the real world in a way that is safer, faster, and more cost-effective.”

NVIDIA Isaac is just one of the ways the company is utilising VR as a means for enterprise solutions. Project Holodeck – unveiled during NVIDIA’s GTC Conference in May is a physically accurate VR environment such as the demonstration featuring Swedish supercar maker Christian Koenigsegg.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of NVIDIA, reporting back with its latest advancements in VR.

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