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Light Tracer key art

Oasis Games To Preview Light Tracer at Gamescom and PAX

Light Tracer and Hidden Dragon Legend ahead of September 2017 release dates.

Whilst most developers and publishers are focussing on Gamescom, Chinese videogame publisher Oasis Games is planning further ahead and has announced it will be bringing three of its upcoming titles to PAX West and Gamescom, including PlayStation VR title Light Tracer.

Light Tracer is a puzzle-platform adventure on the PlayStation VR in which the player is a godlike entity with a magical staff of light who must guide a mysterious Princess up an ancient tower, solving puzzles to guide her forward so she can reach the pinnacle of the tower to find a magical cure for a deadly disease affecting her people. Solving puzzles depends on interacting with the environment, moving the tower to get a better view and activating triggers and moving items to solve puzzles and open new routes.

There are eight chapters planned for Light Tracer, each ending with a boss battle. The title is planned for a September 2017 release date. A price point has not yet been set. The trailer is available to view below.

Oasis Games will also be bringing Hidden Dragon Legend and Fringe Wars to PAX West and Gamescom. Hidden Dragon Legend is a 2.5D hack and slash platformer in the mould of classic titles such as Ninja Gaiden and is expected to be released on PlayStation 4 on 19th September, 2017, with a PC release on Steam planned for a later date. Fringe Wars is a MOBA-style space warfare title where players can team up to take on other ships, taking on roles such a sniper, tank, assault or scout.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Oasis Games’ VR projects as well as the latest from Gamescom.

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