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Oculus Connect 4 Reveal Details on Guest Speakers

Talks on Social VR, Mixed Reality, ESports and Critiquing VR apps will all be offered.

For those who were a little disappointed at the lack of Oculus at E3 this year, there is still hope for some big announcement from the Facebook-owned virtual reality (VR) company, with some further detailed being revealed about the upcoming Oculus Connect event in October, 2017.

The Oculus Connect event will be the fourth time the event has run, and is running under the name ‘Oculus Connect 4’. The organisers are promising a variety of talks from features speakers covering topics such as software engineering, product design and mixed reality. There will be four different content tracks covering the areas of Design, Develop, Distribute and Future, with over 30 sessions across the various tracks.

Oculus Touch

The following talks have already been confirmed:

  • John Carmack’s App Critiques: Oculus Chief Technology Officer John Carmack will offer a live presentation involving app critiques.
  • Social VR Workshop: Head of Platform and Development Engineering John Bartkiw will be discussing using existing tools to offer social VR experiences for Oculus.
  • Mixed Reality Capture on Rift: A Demonstration of how to use the Oculus Rift dev kit to capture mixed reality experiences.
  • VR Esports: Christopher McKelvy, Head of Esports will talk about what role VR has in the world of Esports, now and in the future.

More talks will be confirmed later, with plans for talks from developers, partners and creators including names such as NASA, Ready At Dawn, Unity Technologies among many others.

Oculus Connect 4 is due to take place on 11th-12th October, 2017 in San Jose, California. Further information can be found on the Oculus Connect web site.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on Oculus Connect 4 and other VR-related events.

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