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Oculus Store Offering Back to School Gear VR Pack

Up to 50% off educational VR experiences with Gear VR bundle.

Virtual reality (VR) has already seen a variety of uses in the training and education sector. Oculus are encouraging use of the Samsung Gear VR to help young people learn by offering a ‘Back To School’ pack featuring educational VR experiences for a significant discount.

Available in the Back to School pack through the Oculus Store are five VR experiences including:

Apollo 11 VR Mobile, available for 50% off as part of the bundle, this VR experience is a recreation of the events that led up the historic moon landing by the crew of the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

Unimersiv is also available for 50% discount, and is an educational app familiar to many teachers and educators which offers a large library of historical and scientific education VR ‘field trips.

Our Solar System is an educational trivia quiz designed to expand the knowledge on the solar system, including details of the formation of the planets and the different structures of each planet.

Feel – TheMustOfTheSea is an underwater experience designed to recreate what a trip underwater is like for an experiences scuba diver.

House of Languages VR offers a new way of learning languages such as English, German or Spanish, using the immersive environment of VR to teach in several different ways.

Apollo 11 VR Experience

The full pack is available for £9.99 (GBP). With just one of the available apps, Unimersiv, costing £7.99 without a discount, the bundle is something of a bargain.

Further details can be found on the Oculus Store.

VRFocus will continue to report on discounts and deals for VR products.

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