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Out of Ammo: Death Drive Offered in Discount Bundle (Updated)

Get Out of Ammo: Death Drive and original Out of Ammo for 20% off on Steam.

Developer RocketWerkz’ first virtual reality (VR) project, Out of Ammo, was release last year. The standalone sequel, Out of Ammo: Death Drive is out now on Steam in a discount bundle along side the original Out of Ammo.

Out of Ammo: Death Drive is a hybrid between building simulator and first person shooter. Players will need to collect scrap to build defences and weapon emplacements to defend their base, but can also take over individual units to take down the undead monsters that roam the battlefield.

Weapons such as shotguns and assault rifles are available to use, or for those who prefer to get up close and person, melee weapons such as a baseball bat and katana are available. Base weapon emplacement come in varieties such as the expected turret gun, or rocket launcher for large enemy groups, or slightly more bizarrely, a magical healing dog called Alby.

Out of ammo: death drive screenshot 1

The single-player campaign has seven levels to fight through, which will take the player through the desolate post-apocalyptic world to see the tattered remains of cities and shopping malls.

Out of Ammo: Death Drive is available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The title is a room-scale experience, so players will need a play area of at least 2m by 1.5m and 360-degree tracking in order to play.

The title on its own costs £10.99 (GBP), or bundled alongside the original Death Drive, is priced at £17.58, a discount of 20%. Further information can be found on the Steam Store page.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Out of Ammo: Death Drive as it becomes available.

Update: This story previously implied that RocketWerkz was responsible for creating the title DayZ, this would be inaccurate. With Bohemia Interactive being the developers and the original DayZ mod being designed by Dean Hall, founder of RocketWerkz. VRFocus apologises for this error.

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