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Paintings Become 3D In Virtual Museum The Museum of ThroughView

Available now on Steam.

When you’re a kid you often get taken to various museums as part of your education but in the majority of cases it’s just a day away from school for most. As you get older you tend to learn to appreciate the contents of the museums more and understand just how amazing it is that such a grouping has been brought together at all.  The idea of walking through actual history, be surrounded by items that were actually there at the event or see the painting you’ve read about itself, a direct link back in time to the artist, or the military commander, the film, whoever and whatever. It’s actually quite something when you think about it.

Sadly, it is not always possible for people to get to a museum and the problem with having the actual item somewhere is that nowhere else has it.  If you want to see an artist’s work let’s say, unless there’s a dedicated museum you may have to go to multiple ones. The benefit of a virtual museum therefore is you can go and see any item at any time.

Such a museum is one of the latest virtual reality (VR) titles to be added to Steam.  Developed by Erwin Wolf and published by MarWin Studios, The Museum of ThroughView provides a selection of paintings that have been converted from 2D into 3D.  There are 54 paintings and photos to enjoy in the museum, with works from the likes of the Dutch Master Rembrandt, American painter Albert Bierstadt and French impressionist great Claude Monet.

The title supports the HTC Vive and is available for £6.99 (GBP).  VRFocus will bring you more news and updates on VR titles in the near future.

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