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PlayStation Plus Members to get RIGS: Mechanised Combat League Free

It’ll be available from 5th September 2017.

One of the benefits of being a PlayStation Plus member is the monthly rotation of free videogames available, giving users the opportunity to play titles they may have missed when first launched. This month’s offering now features a virtual reality (VR) title for the first time, online multiplayer RIGS: Mechanised Combat League, which was a launch title for PlayStation VR.

With the head-mounted display (HMD) less than a year old and doing much better in terms of hardware sales than its competitors, it’s good to see those early titles being given a new lease of life through the PlayStation Plus programme.


As an online only multiplayer RIGS: Mechanised Combat League suffered the same fate as a lot of similar experiences, not enough players and empty servers, which snowballs into an early death even when its regarded as a good videogame. As a free release next month that may just help it gain a new audience.

RIGS: Mechanised Combat League is a first-person arena-based shooter developed specifically for PlayStation VR by Guerrilla Cambridge – which has now closed. Set in the year 2065, it immerses players in an all-action future sport that mixes elements from different athletic fields like combat sports, motorsports, basketball and football.

The title will be available for free to PlayStation Plus members in Europe and North America from 5th September through to 7th November 2017. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) hasn’t yet confirmed if a VR videogame will make a regular appearance, so you’ll have to wait until next month to see if it does.

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