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PlayStation VR Worlds Original Score Now Available to Download

The soundtrack to the PlayStation VR’s popular launch title is now available to download.

Videogame soundtracks have been steadily increasing in popularity for many years, yet it seems that virtual reality (VR) – despite the many reasons why the audio score is considerably more important in these experiences – seems to have been fairly slow to catch on. Following the recent publication of the original score for Lone Echo, the PlayStation VR exclusive PlayStation VR Worlds soundtrack is now also available.

PlayStation VR worlds Case

Written by Joe Thwaites and Tim Fowler, the PlayStation VR Worlds audio score features 23 original tracks featured in the VR videogame. PlayStation VR Worlds itself is a compilation of different experiences – from a dive deep into the ocean and coming face-to-face with a shark, to being embroiled in a heist with London gangsters – and as such the soundtrack promises a great deal of variety.

At present, the PlayStation VR Worlds soundtrack is only available via download at Amazon and streaming via Spotify. However, releases across various digital distribution and streaming platforms are expected to follow. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on PlayStation VR Worlds and the promotion of other VR titles beyond their initial release.

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