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Moss screenshot

Polyarc’s Moss for PlayStation VR is Getting Cuter, if That’s Possible

The game will be released this winter.

VRFocus discussed how incredibly beautiful Moss is at The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 . This puzzle, adventure game for the PlayStation VR allows the player to interact both with the environment as well as one of the cutest virtual reality (VR) heroes: Quill.

Chris Alderson, the Art Director at Polyarc explains that during the early development stages of Moss their team started prototyping with physical interaction. They realised that they enjoyed moving around, picking up things in the environment and VR was a perfect sandbox for interactivity. Polyarc is composed of character developers and have put in a lot of effort into Quill as a character. He believes that VR really needs a few mascots and Quill can be one of them.

Polyarc is currently fully developing the story and are trying to find a way to make the pages on the book at the beginning of the game more interactive, similar to the Harry Potter posters where moments come to life. Alderson explains that a page would come to life, pause and then you can start playing. Polyarc are also toying with the idea of a narrator, in order to fully flesh out the world and give more insight into Quill’s story.

Alderson reveals that new environments are being added, such as Quill’s home town. This will give the player insight into Quill’s village, her mates and you’ll be able to peek into the windows and see them. Alderson believes that curiosity is encourage and really shines through in Moss.

The game will be released this winter. Polyarc consist of 15 people and do plan to bring it to more platforms that include full head and hand tracking.

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