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Kaiju Driving Range 100ft Robot Golf

Practice Those Swings When Kaiju Driving Range Comes to 100ft Robot Golf

The add-on will be available next month.

One of the quirkiest titles available for PlayStation VR is No Goblins 100ft Robot Golf. As the name implies, the studio has mixed the slow paced game of golf with giant mechs. Today it’s been announced that the videogame will get an update in September, with players able to take their skills to the Kaiju Driving Range.

Kaiju Driving Range is a one vs one local game mode. One player controls the 100ft robot golfer via the TV, whilst the other puts on the PlayStation VR headset and becomes a crab kaiju. The aim of the game is for the robot to achieve some awesome golf shots, with the kaiju there to stop as many as possible.

Talking about the new mode, Dan Teasdale co-founder at No Goblin wrote on PlayStation.Blog: “We think it’s a pretty neat mode, and I especially love it because it takes advantage of one of the best unique features of PlayStation VR: the social screen! Being in VR and competing against another human player that’s in the same room as you is a super fun experience, especially when that VR person is a two hundred foot crab that can rip tall buildings out of the ground.”

What makes the news even better, if you own 100ft Robot Golf then the update is completely free when it goes live on 12th September.

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