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Practise Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Undead Development

Scavenge, craft and defend against undead hordes with trusty hammer and nails.

What’s your plan for surviving the zombie apocalypse? Does it involve a nail gun? Undead Development might change your mind on that, since in this title survival is all about skilful use of a nail gun to defend and attack.

Undead Development is a survival crafting title at its hard. Players need to explore various environments to scavenge for supplies, weaponry and ammunition. Choosing a location for your base is vital, as you will then need to carefully craft your defences. Furniture can be broken apart to use for defensive measures as the undead hordes seek to tear down your door and devour your flesh.

Using the ‘nailing’ mechanic, players can use their scavenged supplies to build defences. From the simplest, such as boarding up windows and doors, to more complicated traps and weapons. Any number of crazy combinations are possible – will nailing a bear trap to a baseball bat make an effective weapon? Will nailing a rifle to your axe make it better? You can find out.

The title will be available for HTC Vive, using a room-scale system so players will need a playing area of at least 2m by 1.5 m for effective play. A firm release date and price point have not yet been confirmed, but the title is expected to be released on Steam soon.

The developers, Masterstrike and LadrikDev had previously released the title as an Early Access demo on Itch.Io to test various functions and receive feedback. The developers are interested in porting the title to Oculus Rift with Touch once it is ready for release on HTC Vive.

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