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Race in Space in Detached’s Upcoming Multiplayer Update

The new multiplayer focused update will go live in September.

Anshar Studios, the developer behind space combat title Detached, has announced a new update that’ll be released next month, focused on improving the multiplayer side of the videogame.

The studio will be adding a race mode for players to compete against each other, showcasing their EVA suit flying skills. The new mode will require players to navigate through checkpoints as quickly and smoothly as possible to win.

Detached Race Mode

In addition to the new race mode, a new map will also be included and a completely new game lobby where players will be able to easily join a match with a friend. Players who enjoy multiplayer competition will finally have the chance to show off their skills thanks to social rankings.

Lastly for those experienced players a new difficulty level will be available, Simulation. So the brake factor and movement speed have been reduced, allowing for free, undisturbed roaming.

These updates are due to go live at the beginning of September, with Ashar Studios yet to name a date.

If you’ve not played Detached before with videogame also has a single-player campaign with puzzles to solve, that gives players the opportunity to fine tune their flying skills before heading into the multiplayer mode. VRFocus reviewed the experience, giving it 4-stars and saying: “Detached has great elements to it, it looks good, the controls are excellent, and it offers some unique combat gameplay.”

As further updates for Detached are released, VRFocus will bring you the latest.

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