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RED Reveals Prototype of Holographic Smartphone

First look at upcoming RED smartphone, though RED still keeping holographic function under wraps.

Though best known for being the makers of high-end digital cameras, RED announced last month that it was intending to enter the Smartphone market with its Hydrogen One smartphone – a device to company claims would have the capability to produce virtual reality (VR) without a headset.

The initial announcement of the upcoming smartphone had few details, but now a YouTube channel called MKBHD has managed to get its hands on several prototypes of the device, with reviewer Marques Brownlee giving them a look over.

The video first showed that the phone strongly resembled early images, which was a ‘fit and finish’ prototype with a black metal casing, a ridged side grip and dedicated camera button, along with a 5.5 inch display, and kevlar panels to improve durability and allow for good antenna signal. The back of the phone features mounting points so additional accessories and mods such as specialist camera lenses can be attached.

The video does not directly show the ‘holographic’ capabilities of the phone, since RED is holding that reveal back for now. Brownlee does say that the capability can ‘be turned off’ when not in use, and Brownlee refers to the function as ‘Deep 3D’ which seems to suggest something closer to an augmented reality (AR) or a 3D display similar to what the Nintendo 3DS uses.

RED are planning to release the smartphone for a price of $1,200 (USD). There is not currently word on what the additional modules such as camera lenses will cost. RED has also mentioned that possibility of producing additional models of the smartphone featuring different specifications and features.

You can watch the video walk through of the smartphone below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on the RED Hydrogen One smartphone as it becomes available.

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