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Review: Just In Time Incorporated

An amusing idea but it lacks depth.

Virtual reality (VR) videogame developers have come up with all sorts of quirky and imaginative titles that utilise HTC Vive’s immersive control mechanics. Some have been more inventive than others, one of the most popular being the ability to simply pick things up to interact with the virtual environment. Titles such as Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality have shown how this can be expertly used to create an engaging environment for you to play in. Second Wind Interactive has gone down a similar road with its first VR videogame, Just In Time Incorporated, where you must use the environment to save lives.

Just In Time Incorporated revolves around you starting a new job as a ‘Death Prevention Insurance’ agent, helping the company’s clients evade certain doom. To do this you’re supplied with a pair of ‘Hyper-Gloves’, so that you can slow down time, move super-fast through areas, and prevent the untimely end of those who’ve paid for protection.

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The indie developer has created a load of individual assignments split over three difficulty areas. After a brief training introduction you’re then free to pick whichever level you like, only unlocking further difficulties once enough assignments have been completed. As previously mentioned, these revolve around saving a particular client or clients, using whatever means are necessary.

So that might require you to prevent someone being killed by a bomb, being run over, or shot by a helicopter gunship. The levels and overall idea behind Just In Time Incorporated are wonderfully fun and unique, having a dark irreverent humour that works well with the voxel-based art style.

You’ll be able to grab bullets and redirect them towards enemies. Find a grenade on an enemy’s belt and use it against them, or pick a samurai sword to engage in some lighthearted decapitation. While this all works well enough, you’ll soon find yourself repeating the same moves, just with more hostiles to deal with. And while there are items to find around the environment that’ll help you complete the level, these are actually few and far between, meaning that most assignments tend to be fairly linear.

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The other main issue with Just In Time Incorporated is that it’s just too short. This style of videogame would have been fine a year ago, but with the VR industry moving at such a pace gamers want more in-depth gameplay – something they can get their teeth into – rather than another title that feels like an extended tech demo. At best you might get an hour of gameplay out of the entire experience, which isn’t enough anymore.

Just In Time Incorporated is a VR title that you’ll enjoy from start to finish. With its comedy styling’s, slow motion mechanics and simple pick up and play gameplay, it’s suited to any VR player. Unfortunately it’s desperately missing that replay factor, there’s nothing to keep you coming back once you’ve completed it – which isn’t that hard to do. If Second Wind Interactive can expand upon this initial release then Just In Time Incorporated certainly has promise. In its current form however, it’s difficult to recommend over far more accomplished experiences.

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