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Hurl VR screenshot

Rusty Oak to Debut with Hurl VR on HTC Vive this Summer

Independent developer Rusty Oak to launch debut title, Hurl VR, on HTC Vive.

Independent developer Rusty Oak has today announced that their debut title Hurl VR, a pinball-like puzzle videogame, is coming to Steam for HTC Vive this summer. Hurl VR is a ball throwing simulator in virtual reality (VR) with a touch of tactical puzzler, requiring skill, logical thinking and precise timing.

Hurl VR begins as a simple ball throwing simulation, adding tactical puzzle gameplay to the mix by putting the players’ own technique and reaction to the test. Players advance in the videogame by hitting multiple platforms with a ball in correct patterns, thus reaching the gateway platform. Each of the platforms has its own unique properties from boosting the speed of the ball to teleporting it to another platform in a new angle.

“We like to call Hurl VR the pinball machine of the 21st century,” said Petras Malinauskas, Co-Founder at Rusty Oak, “We took the simple gameplay mechanics of pinball, added a level of tactics and skill that requires a level of physicality and wrapped it in a mysterious virtual reality world with futuristic music and visuals.”

The videogame will launch with 30 levels with new types of platforms and challenges added every few levels, utilising a 360-degree environment. The unique angle of Hurl VR lies in embracing the physical aspects of individual players; a shorter player might find it extremely easy to complete a certain level that requires a low and tactical throw, whereas a tall player might find it more challenging to tackle the same level.

Hurl VR ScreenshotRusty Oak will debut Hurl VR at Gamescom, Cologne, next week, where VRFocus will meet with the team. A debut trailer for Hurl VR is available below and more details will be available very soon.

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