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A Night Sky Kraken

Shiver Me Timbers A Night Sky Gets New Content

The Night of the Kraken is an in-app purchase for £0.79.

British developer Coatsink has expanded the content available for its chilled out Samsung Gear VR experience A Night Sky with a free update called The Night of the Kraken. 

Adding a pirate theme to the starry videogame, the update features a new mini-game where players are now armed with a mighty cannon to shoot a series of targets.

A Night Sky Kraken

Designed to appeal to all ages with its quirky art style and easy pick-up-and-play mechanics, A Night Sky uses simple point and touch controls allowing the player to connect star constellations into patterns. As these shapes are connected and formed the virtual world comes alive with strange and wonderful animals, with them flying, running, and bounding around.

This latest addition continues Coatsink’s regular monthly roll out of updates for A Night Sky, with last months featuring new performances and interactions with existing creatures, with an owl, a dragon and a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Just like previous updates, The Night of the Kraken is priced at £0.79 GBP, $0.99 GBP and €0.99 EUR.

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