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Starbreeze Will Supply Content For VR Centre in Dubai

Starbreeze subsidiary Enterspace will be main supplier for VR location-based centre in Dubai.

Earlier this year, Starbreeze Studios acquired location-based virtual reality (VR) company Enterspace for an estimated 2 million Euro. That acquisition has now borne fruit as Enterspace have been contracted as the main supplier for a new VR centre in Dubai.

Dubai has been one of the places to quickly embrace the emerging VR technology, with VR attractions and exhibits appearing in various location in the city. The new VR centre will be located in one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai. Enterspace will be responsible for providing installation, hardware and operations, as well as content that will be provided through Starbreeze Studios.


“We are very proud to deliver unparalleled virtual reality experiences at one of the largest and most-visited retail and entertainment destination in Dubai. This opportunity was made possible by Enterspace operational experience and location-based entertainment vision, Starbreeze VR content pipeline, StarVR’s unique 5K resolution and 210-degree field of view VR headset, Nozon’s PresenZ technology as the next movie format for virtual reality and our great partnership with Acer to provide hardware support”, says Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze.

“This is an incredible achievement for Enterspace and Starbreeze, as well as an extraordinary event for the VR industry. It’s a true honor to have Enterspace chosen as the leading partner for the new VR centre. With the Enterspace concept we will push VR beyond the imaginable and utilize all our previous investments in this space to a maximum. The VR centre will be our flagship location for Starbreeze VR initiatives together with our esteemed hardware partners Acer and StarVR as well as our content partners”, continues Bo Andersson Klint.

VRFocus will continue to report on new VR installations.

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