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Hover Junkers screenshot

Stress Level Zero Teases New Trailer for Hover Junkers’ Single-Player Campaign

There’s no confirmed release date just yet.

One of the original launch titles for HTC Vive was multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) Hover Junkers by Stress Level Zero. Ever since the studio released version 1.2 across August/September 2016 very little had been heard from the team until March this year when it started to detail a progress update for v1.3. This is a big one, with Stress Level Zero adding a single-player campaign, and this week it’s released a teasing trailer giving players an idea of what to expect.

Describing the 1.3 Junk Road update in a Steam posting, Stress Level Zero founder Brandon J Laatsch said it’ll: ‘be extremely familiar to anyone who played the classic Oregon Trail years ago.’ He then went on to say: “You start each run by loading up a junker with supplies. Once ready you depart on rails as you head for another planet to start a new life for your family. You make choices about pace, rations, when to hunt for food, and many more randomly occurring choices to make along the way.”

This takes Hover Junkers in a new direction, hopefully attracting more players in the process. When originally released the title was well received but failed to continually attract new players. As such finding matches became increasingly difficult which can be a death sentence for any videogame let alone VR.

There’s no confirmation just yet of an actual release date, with the studio giving a six to eight week time period in a June update.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Stress Level Zero and Hover Junkers, reporting back with the latest updates.

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