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Study Shows That Netflix Is Most Used VR App

Study of US VR consumers reveals Netflix VR and Minecraft VR most popular apps.

Some analysts have claimed that virtual reality (VR) will change the way we use technology. Meanwhile, Netflix has already transformed the way we consume TV and film, and though some would argue it might not be for the better, its impact is undeniable. The impact on VR is likewise impressive, according to a new report.

The VR/AR Insights Consortium, a group that comprises representatives from the likes of Turner, Warner Bros, and the VR Society have released a report in conjunction with Magid the sheds light on consumer use of VR and its various applications. The study was based on results gathered from 2,000 U.S-based consumers. Its headline statistic showed that 22% of VR users have used Netflix VR at some point, compared with the next most popular app, Minecraft VR at 20%.

Other data gathered by the report indicated that one-third of US adults have tried a VR device at some point, of which which, 23% have used a mobile VR device such as a Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream. Comparatively, 16% had used a console VR device – which basically means the PlayStation VR, while 8% had used a PC VR system.

50% of users who had tried a VR system reported it as a positive experience, with most ‘loving’ the experience, while 90% reported ‘liking’ the experience when using a console VR or high-end PC VR headset. 86% of people who had used a console or PC VR headset would recommend the experience to others.

For mobile VR, 85% said they ‘liked’ the experience, and 84% said they would recommend the experience to others. 55% of respondents said they believed that VR would change the way people watch TV shows and movies.

VRFocus will continue to report on developments within the VR industry.

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