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The ConVRsation is a Time-Travelling VR Film Looking for KickStarter Funding

The project is looking to raise $150,000.

Virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree films can be great forms of entertainment. They can also be used to help educate and teach viewers. A topic that’s fairly poignant at the moment is immigration, so director Jon Clinkenbeard along with Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead), who will star and produce, are creating an immersive film that will allow viewers to time-travel to several eras to see how immigration fears are directly mirrored in other tense time periods.

The project aims to let people experience persecution and discrimination first-hand across four eras, in 1930’s Germany (rise of Nazism), 1950’s America (height of McCarthyism), Salem, MA, 1690’s (Salem Witch Trials) and modern day America. And to create the project The ConVRsation has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production.

Ross Marquand

The creators are looking to raise $150,000 USD by 3rd September. With backing tiers starting from $10. If the funding is successful and the film gets made, those who back the early bird $25 tier will be part of the first group to see The ConVRsation. As with any Kickstarter the more you spend the more you get, with the maximum $10,000 tier crediting backers as Associate Producer.

“For a lot of people in this country, this is a pretty abstract issue with this kind of generalized fear and no real bearing on their day-to-day life,” said director Jon Clinkenbeard. “By letting you become the persecuted person, I’m hoping to show how immediate this issue is for a lot of people, and drive home how easy it is for society to make the wrong decision, like so many times in history.”

“This project is exciting, not just because it deals with an issue we need to address, but because it does so in a way that’s never been done before — by letting someone become the person being persecuted,” said Ross Marquand.

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