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The Music Room Brings Real Instruments to VR

Play drums in VR using HTC Vive wand controllers as drumsticks.

The creation of MIDI controllers opened up music creation to many people. To this day, MIDI controllers are used my musicians and DJs to create beautiful and complex creations, mostly controlled using a keyboard set up. However, the Music Room Expressive MIDI Controller uses virtual reality (VR) to give music creators an entirely new set of options.

Owning instruments is a tricky business. High-quality guitars, drum kits and keyboards are expensive, and many of us live in places where space is at a premium, and there is no room to store something like a full-size drum kit. The Music Room utilises VR to give musicians virtual instruments to play, so they can drum, bend and slide the same as they would with real instruments, without worrying about the price or space requirements.

The major showpiece for The Music Room so far is the drums, which by using the HTC Vive wand controllers, users can pretend they are banging away at real drums and symbols, with the wand controllers acting as drumsticks for a more natural experience.

The Music Room is a professional-grade MIDI controller, and needs a DAW such as Bitwing 8-Track, so this is not an applications designed for MIDI amateurs. The drum samples used have been scanned from some of the most popular drum brands, including Pearl, Zildjian, Gretsch, Ludwig and Sabian.

The applications is available through Steam exclusively for the HTC Vive. As this is a professional-grade application, it is reflected in the cost, which is priced at £89.09 (GBP), which is a 10% launch discount on the normal price of £98.99. Further information can be found on the Steam store page.

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