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They Came From Space screenshot

They Came From Space Demonstrates Twitch Feature Camera

A separate camera client for Twitch livestreaming makes for a more ocmfortable viewing experience.

When developer Cloudgine announced its upcoming cloud-based physics title They Came From Space, President Dave Jones hinted at something special being available for those players who like to livestream. Cloudgine shows off exactly what that means with the Twitch Feature Camera.

The development team at Cloudgine noted that there were issues involved with watching livestreams of virtual reality (VR) content. The stream usually shows things from the perspective of the player, including head movements which can be disorienting for viewers. The solution for this is to have a second client that handles the camera.

They Came From Space screenshot

The camera takes the form of one of the aliens in a spaceship. By default the alien floats around tracking the players movement and looks at the viewer, and can be controlled by the player to move it closer or further away as required for whatever footage is currently being captured. The alien can also be told to look elsewhere. If looking at the viewer, a lip-sync feature can be enabled which essentially allows the alien to act as the player avatar, making him something like a presenter on a sports or news program.

Another option is available to give control of the camera to a dedicated camera operator, such as a trusted member of the Twitch audience who can move and operate the camera as required, freeing up the players to concentrate solely on the gameplay.

A video demonstrating the Twitch Feature Camera is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on They Came From Space as it becomes available.

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