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This Week In VR Sport: Boxing Workout in VR and New York Jets get Augmented

Floyd Mayweather is creating a VR workout video and New York Jets fans can get involved via AR.

It is the weekend, and that means it’s time to explore what has been happening in the surprisingly populous intersection between virtual reality and sport. This week, a VR boxing workout and an augmented reality experience for New York Jets fans.

Floyd Mayweather Launches VR Boxing Workout

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has announced plans to open up several gyms and fitness centres, with the first opening in Southern California later this year. In addition, Mayweather is planning on launching a Mayweather Boxing & Fitness VR experience that will allow people at home to follow along with Mayweather’s workout routine featuring Mayweather himself. The VR experience and accompanying mobile app, are part of an initiative to maximise the number of people who can access a high-quality training experience, even those who don’t have access to traditional gyms.

“My whole life has been about boxing and about fitness, and now I’m taking everything I developed and bringing it into the fitness market,” said Floyd Mayweather. “Our fitness experience will have programs for kids, parents and aspiring athletes – anyone who’s looking to put energy into something positive. The training programs will be the best in the industry, all based on my own workout routines; and they’ll be accessible to all, including communities that don’t currently have these kinds of facilities available.”

“We’ve seen a shift in the fitness industry, in that the average consumer is seeking access to the same training that elite athletes have available to them; and more studios and gyms are now dedicated to a specific discipline,” said James Williams, CEO of Mayweather Boxing & Fitness. “Within those offerings, boxing fitness is a highly popular and extremely effective workout. We are excited to cater to this demand all over the world and be a meaningful part of the next-generation fitness experience; all under the banner and guidance of the most dominant boxer of all time.”

New York Jets Partner With Xperiel For AR Experience

Fans of National Football League team the New York Jets can look forward to trying out an augmented reality (AR) experience at home games this season. The team has partnered with content creators Xperiel to offer AR experiences as part of the team’s existing mobile app.

Fans watching TV as well as those taking their seats at the MetLife Stadium will be able to participate in AR mini-games and other activities. One such mini-game is the ‘I Called It!’ challenge, in which fans will need to predict the next play. Doing so correctly will gather points and offer the opportunity to win prizes.

“A New York Jets home game is a great blend of time-honored stadium traditions and cutting edge technologies like real-time play-along gaming and augmented reality. This year we are taking a big step forward in digitizing the way our fans interact with the game, so that everyone, whether at MetLife Stadium or not, can get in on the fun and excitement of gameday through their mobile devices,” said Seth Rabinowitz, senior vice president of marketing & fan engagement for the New York Jets as part of a statement.

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