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Time Carnage screenshot 1

Time Carnage Revealed as Wales Interactive’s Next VR Title

The videogame is set for release in November.

UK-based developer Wales Interactive is due to launch its first virtual reality (VR) title, Don’t Knock Twice, a horror movie spin-off in September. That’s not all the studio is working on with the company also revealing a new project in the form of a survival shooter called Time Carnage.

You play a time travelling trophy hunter armed to the teeth with a collection of 25+ guns to use, finding worlds filled with dinosaurs, robots and even a few zombies.

Time Carnage screenshot 2

The studio has unveiled an extensive list of armaments which include: Baseball Bat, Chainsaw, Bowie Knife, Desert Eagle Pistol, Pulser Laser Pistol, 5” Revolver, Vector SMG, Magpul PDR, M4 Carbine, Kalashnikov Rifle, Auto Bullpup Rifle, Double Barrel Thump-Gun, Pump Action Shotgun, Street Sweeper Auto Shotgun, Anti-Material Rifle, QBU-88 Sniper Rifle, Hip Fired HMG, Six-Barrel Minigun, Flamethrower, Slugger Explosive Rifle, RPG-7, SOTA Precision Bow, Medieval Crossbow, Frag Grenade, Time Grenade.

There are a bunch of different modes to play through, with the main ones being a Campaign Mode or Custom Arcade Mode to expand and upgrade your arsenal. Then there’s 20 unique challenges such as Double Up Zombie, Russian Dolls, Pieminister and Mail Escort, to unlock some weird and wonderful cheats,

Time Carnage will support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR when it launches on 27th November, 2017.

As for Don’t Knock Twice, the first-person horror title is based on the movie Don’t Knock Twice which arrived in cinemas earlier this year, starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galatica).It involves a guilt-ridden mother who must save her estranged daughter from a vengeful, demonic witch. That’s due to launch on the same VR platforms on 5th September.

For further Wales Interactive updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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