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Tweet Suggests Fallout 4 VR Could Be Coming to Other Platforms

Tweet from HTC Vive account fuels speculation on Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR release.

The decision by Bethesda to bring its post-apocalyptic RPG series into virtual reality (VR) generated much excitement. Though many Oculus Rift users were somewhat disappointed when Fallout 4 VR was announced, since it seemed that the title was going to be a HTC Vive exclusive. It seems, however, that it may not be as exclusive as was once thought.

A tweet from the official HTC Vive twitter account seems to suggest that there is still hope for Fallout 4 VR to come to other platforms. The tweet says: “We errantly used “Exclusive” below. #Fallout4VR is created by @bethesdastudios & they determine when and where. Coming to Vive 12/12!”

It seems that HTC Vive may have jumped the gun by declaring Fallout 4 VR to be exclusive. There has been no official confirmation on what other platforms the title may be heading to, but most analysts are predicting that it will come to Oculus Rift at some point, giving HTC Vive a timed exclusive.

It has been pointed out that all of Bethesda’s other VR-compatible titles, such as the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and DOOM VFR are coming to PlayStation VR, with DOOM VFR having been confirmed for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR so far, with no announcement of an official release for Oculus Rift. This has led to speculation that Fallout 4 VR could make it onto Sony’s VR platform.

In the absence of official confirmation, only speculation is possible. VRFocus will bring you any further official news on Fallout 4 VR as it becomes available.

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