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Ultrawings screenshot

Ultrawings Lands on Samsung Gear VR

Bit Planet Games’ debut VR title arrives on the Samsung Gear VR.

Bit Planet Games, LLC, has launched the popular Ultrawings on Samsung Gear VR. Following its Oculus Rift and HTC Vive debut, the developer recently announced Ultrawings will be flying onto PlayStation VR soon and now the videogame has landed on the leading mobile virtual reality (VR) platform from Samsung and Oculus VR.

Ultrawings on Samsung Gear VR features three aircraft and three unique islands. Players must undertake a variety of objectives, such as performing spot landings, flying through score rings, and emergency landings in order to earn in-game currency for unlocking new vehicles and locations.

“We partnered with both Oculus and Samsung to bring over the popular VR flight game to mobile with nearly all game modes, planes, and environments intact!” Stated Christopher Stockman, Studio Director at Bit Planet Games, in communication with VRFocus.

On Samsung Gear VR, Ultrawings provides support for bluetooth gamepads as well as the 3DoF controller released earlier this year. Ultrawings is available to download via the Oculus Store now, priced at £7.99 GBP, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest VR projects from Bit Planet Games.

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