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Vindicta Gets New Level and Price Drop

The Hive update gives players new level, new enemies and new weaponry in addition to bug fixes and improvements.

HTC Vive exclusive first-person virtual reality (VR) shooter Vindicta, produced by Beirut-based development studio Game Cooks has announced a significant update along with a drop in price.

Vindicta is a first-person shooter set in a huge corporate facility where a sinister robot army. The player’s task is to infiltrate the facility, destroy the evil robots and end the evil UB Industries.

With the new update, Vindicta players will have access to a new area called The Hive, which adds new puzzles to solve, fast-paced arena fights along with additional playtime to the title. The developers have also added new enemy types, such as a floating alarm detector, along with new tough enemies the flame thrower and electrified spiders.

Other features added to the title include a melee weapon that can be drawn as a last resort when ammo runs out, and a new collectable in the form of a shield that could prove useful in difficult situations. The tutorial has also been tweaked and general polishing to models and textures has been done throughout.

As well as general bug fixes and optimisation, the enemy AI has been revamped so it will now follow players around in order to provide a tougher challenge. New checkpoints have been added along with new objectives for each levels.

The title is still in Early Access, and after extensive feedback and conversations with the community, the developers have decided to lower the price to $14.99 (USD)/£10.99 (GBP). The price is set to remain until the title is ready for a full release.

Further information and updates are available on the Steam page.

VRFocus will continue to provide updates on Vindicta and other VR titles.

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