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Virtalis VR Used to Design Ships of the Future

Naval architecture firm Tritec Marine is using VR to solve problems in maritime design.

Virtual reality (VR) has seen increasing use in enterprise and business sectors, from training to stock control. VR hardware company Virtalis have announced that they are providing its ActiveMove CVR system to Tritec Marine, a naval architecture firm.

Tritec Marine will be using the Virtalis hardware to develop new concepts for ship design, using VR technology along with modern innovations in materials and engineering to solve existing problems with maritime transportation.

“We have to work on overturning preconceived ideas,” said Scott, “as our design concepts have been developed from first principles, not from what is there already. We realised that VR isn’t just for gaming and consumer sales and that for us the value will lie in being able to walk disparate stakeholders through our concepts. I experienced CyberAnatomy and thought that I very quickly understood more about the human anatomy than I ever could have assimilated from books. Then we discovered that Virtalis already operated in this sector and that their Visionary Render software can take our CAD data and swiftly render it into virtual 3D ships.”

The ActiveMove CVR VR system offers an all-in-one solution for businesses, with a powerful VR-ready Lenovo laptop integrated into the case to offer a VR system to businesses that is portable and can be quickly set up for demonstrations.

“Since we have ventured into the virtual world”, commented Scott, “we have had a veritable tsunami of ideas about how we can use the technology, from virtual prototyping before the build to digital twinning for maintenance. It is apparent that VR technology makes cost and time savings from day one, because the snagging is done in the virtual world, not in the real world. So far, we have only shown our models via CVR and Visionary Render to internal stakeholders, but they have been very impressed and it is clear that VR helps us get our message across to different audiences from different backgrounds.”

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