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Virtual Reality Art Exhibition To Be Held in Beijing

The Faurschou Foundation will be opening ‘Virtual Reality Art’ exhibition on 27th August, 2017.

The crossover between art and virtual reality (VR) has already begun, from art galleries using VR to explore famous paintings and their creators from a new perspective to VR tools such as Tilt Brush providing a new medium for creation. The Faurschou Foundation in Beijing is exploring the relationship between art and VR with a new exhibition.

The exhibition, dubbed simply ‘Virtual Reality Art’ will present some of the highest quality artworks created in and for virtual reality that are currently available. The exhibition is due to open on 27th August, 2017, and will feature ‘sub-exhibitions’ for each of the five featured artists. The artists participating are Christian Lemmerz, Erik Parker, Paul McCarthy, Tony Oursler and Yu Hong.

The Faurschou Foundation has worked with the artists, all of whom have developed an international reputation, to create VR art. Each piece of art will be exhibited alongside complementary sketches and books to add context and depth to each VR piece.

A Faurschou Foundation representative said on the website: “Faurschou Foundation is glad to continue collaborating with Khora Contemporary after the successful exhibition, New Media (Virtual Reality), in connection to the Venice Biennale 2017. Khora Contemporary was established in 2016 in Copenhagen by five partners with a common passion for art, and a shared vision of Virtual Reality’s significance in the art landscape of the future. Khora Contemporary conducts extensive research on this progressive medium, and specializes in translating the vision of established and emerging artists into the language of VR.”

VRFocus will continue to report on new installations and exhibitions of VR works.

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