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VR Board Game Quizmania Launched Kickstarter

Developer Q Lab are seeking $49,000 in funding from Crowdfunding.

The popularity of board games has seen a comeback in recent years, with the advent of several popular new boardgames on the market, along with a growth of University board gaming societies and board game cafes. Developer Q Lab are hoping to leverage this new found popularity with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for its virtual reality (VR) trivia board game, Quizmania.

Q Lab are seeking $49,000 (USD) in funding for the creation of Quizmania. The game consists of a playing field board, a smartphone application and a Google Cardboard headset. To play, users scan one of the marks on the playing field, and a trivia question will appear on their smartphone screen. If the quiz is answered correctly, the player can move on. There are three different types of quiz: a standard multiple choice trivia question, a ‘true or false’ question, or a task that involves donning a VR headset to complete.

Reward tiers range from a $1 ‘supporting’ donation, to the $35 tier, which will reward backers with an Early Bird copy of the Quizmania game upon release, along with a custom Google Cardboard headset. The Quizmania full set includes a box containing the playing field, two playing tokens, free access to the Quizmania smartphone app, 45 ‘action cards’ and a Google Cardboard headset.

The two highest reward tiers at $1,000 and $10,000 will net the backer a version of themselves drawn in the game’s ‘house style’ as part of the Quizmania box art. Those two tiers are limited to 10 and 3 backeres, respectively.

The creators of Quizmania hope that if the campaign is successful, they will be able to add additional specialist quizes to the Quizmania set. 1000 Facebook shares of the campaign will unlock the ‘Horror’ set, with additional stretch goals of $90,000 for an ‘Art’ set, $110,000 for a ‘Music’ set and $150,000 for a ‘Cinema’ set.

VRFocus will continue to bring you information on Quizmania as it develops.

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