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VR Challenger League Makes Rules Changes

League organiser Insomniac Games seeks more feedback from community for improvements.

The VR Challenger League is the first recognised Esports league dedicated to virtual reality (VR) esports. At present, the VR Challenger League offers contents based on VR titles The Unspoken and Echo Arena. The League has just introduced some changes to improve the league for its players.

The VR Challenger League has been gathering feedback from the community and have determined that for its upcoming Week 7 Cups, the times and dates have been changed so that North America and Europe will compete on Saturdays instead of during the week. The organisers hope this will allow more players to enter. For a similar reason, the bracket size is being lowered from 16 to 8. Duels will now be Best of Three-style matches, which means that the maximum number of rounds that can be played can go as high at 9. The loser of the first match will choose the arena for the next match, while the client or lower-seeded player will still select the arena for the first match.

The Unspoken ArcaneUpdate4

The VR Challenger League is organised by Insomniac Games, the developers behind The Unspoken, one of the titles used in the league. The Unspoken is a PvP title where players enter a magical realm where they must learn how to use powerful spells to throw at their enemies, in a fantasy take on Fight Club. Insomniac Games have been using the VR Challenger League and the feedback from the esports community to further developer and improve the title, and are currently seeking opinions on how players are currently finding The Unspoken to play.

Further information on the VR Challenger League and the new rules changes can be found on the official website.

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