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Lily Baldwin directing Amari Cheatom&Marni Wood_onset_ThroughYou_photo by Cameron Bertron

Update: VR Dance Performance Through You Released On Gear VR

VR dance performance hopes to capture intimacy and the passage of time.

The intimacy of a dance performance is something that virtual reality (VR) is quite good at capturing, as has been shown by previous performances captured in VR and 360-degree video. Samsung Gear VR owners will have the opportunity to find this out for themselves with the launch of Through You, a VR dance performance created by filmmaker and dancer Lily Baldwin and director Saschka Unseld.

Known as pioneers and mavericks in their own fields of dance, the partnership between Unseld and Baldwin is aimed at creating an intimate narrative of a woman journeying into old age, trying to impart the weight of years on to the audience and tell the story of a love affair that wanders through passion, betrayal, joy and many other emotions.

“Our differences were the perfect marriage in this collaboration,” said Baldwin. “We wanted to push the scope of VR by breaking the rules in order to start more conversation around possibility, and I believe that’s something we’ve achieved.”

Through You peformance Amari Cheatom & Joanna Kotze
Amari Cheatom & Joanna Kotze in Through You still. Photo by Dagmar Weaver-Madsen

“We both have a very clear opinion on what we like and what we don’t. But the process of how we achieve these things is quite opposite,” adds Unseld. “In a way this yin-yang approach made our collaboration perfect. Both of us were able to judge each other’s work from a distance and help each other focus on our strengths.”

Samsung Gear VR owners can download Through You from Oculus Video for Gear VR on the Oculus Store. The total experience lasts fourteen minutes, stars dancers Joanna Kotze, Amari Cheatom and Marni Thomas Wood and features an original binaural score composed by Mark delgli Antoni.

“We both adore dance and believe in its power to tell story as a direct line of intimacy to the viewer’s body, without the need for words,” said Baldwin.

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Updated: Corrected name of composer Mark delgli Antoni. This was previously misspelled. We apologise for the error.

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