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VR Space Fantasy Title The Stone Coming Soon To Steam

FPS/RPG hybrid title will be released on 21st August and will have a strong emphasis on story.

We’ve seen hard sci-fi in the shape of EVE: Valkyrie and Elite: Dangerous, but sweeping space fantasy is not something that has been seen much on virtual reality (VR), but one developer, indie studio Bornteks Entertainment are looking to hange that with the upcoming launch of space opera The Stone.

The Stone puts players in the role of Jake, a galactic migrant who has fallen in love with the daughter of a powerful planetary president. Distrusted by locals and those in power, Jake faces an uphill struggle to gain acceptance of his wish to marry Aurora, his love and the president’s daughter. Desperate to get approval for his relationship with Aurora, Jake taken on a dangerous mission to retrieve a holy relic known only as ‘The Stone’ from a mysterious tower erected by ancient precursors. But dangers and traps await, since tower is said to be forbidden to any human. Jake must unravel the mystery of the tower to retrieve ‘The Stone’ and gain the right to marry his love.

The core gameplay with be similar to a first-person shooter, featuring an array of futuristic weapons, along with some forms of gesture control to initialise additional abilities such as shields. Different weapons will be effective against different foes, so careful choice of loadout is important. RPG elements will also be integrated, along with the strong narrative story elements.

The Stone will be coming to Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch on 21st August, 2017. A price point for the title has yet to be confirmed. Further information and updates can be found on the Steam page. A trailer for the title is available to view below.

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