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VRrOOm To Launch Syndication Program For Location Based VR Centres

Company hopes to provide network of quality content for Location-based VR centres.

Originally founded in 2016, the aim of VRrOOm was to bring virtual reality (VR) experiences to a broader range of people, along with helping to accelerate the growth of the VR market. In furtherance of that aim, VRrOOm is launching a syndication program called Speedr to help make high-quality VR experiences available to all.

Founder of VRrOOm Louis Cacciuttolo believes that location-based VR outlets are the key to bringing VR to a wider audience, and in order to further the efforts of location-based VR, Speedr is hoping to offer a syndication of quality VR content to make is available to various VR outlets. The company also hopes this will spur further development of high-quality VR content for location-based VR, since there is more likely to be a guaranteed market for it to be sold to.

Cacciuttolo said: “Speedr is meant to accelerate the growth of the VR entertainment market by bridging the numerous gaps existing between VR content producers / developers, distributors, technology or equipment suppliers, and the audience. We believe that physical outlets providing quality VR experiences are the key to unlock the market and we want to help our Location Based

Experience (LBE) partners succeed.” he continued, “VR is taking too long, and Speedr is born to make it happen faster. Industry professionals are suffering but few concrete steps are taken to tackle the immediate causes of the issue. Speedr is like a spider building a net to link all VR entertainment industry actors together, in order to attract a larger audience with better offers across a stronger and wider platform, as soon as possible.”

VRFocus will bring you further information on Speedr and VRrOOm as it becomes available.

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