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World of Tanks

Wargaming and VRTech Forge Partnership Providing Location-based VR Gaming

VRTech aims to bring its location-based immersive experiences to the European market.

World of Tanks developer Wargaming.net has announced a collaboration with Moscow-based virtual reality (VR) company VRTech to bring location-based immersive experiences to the European market.

VRTech is known for location-based VR solutions, including CinemaVR and PolygonVR. The collaboration is set to combine VRTechs solutions and Wargamings expertise in game design and visual effects.

VRTech - CinemaVR

 “The potential of taking location-based VR to a new level is an opportunity we had to capitalize on,” said Aleksandr Zezulin, R&D Operations Director at Wargaming in a statement. “With this partnership, we are planning to change the public perception of VR from a one-time experience to a source of fun, re-playable entertainment. This type of new business for Wargaming is a scalable, successful set-up that will help us produce high-quality entertainment.”

“We’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with Wargaming,” said Yuri Krylov, CEO of VRTech. “This unique collaboration has all the chances of changing the VR market, and we welcome location and IP owners in EU to join our partnership on this exciting journey.”

VRTech launched in December 2016, bringing its VR booths to over 20 locations in cinemas and malls in Russias largest cities.  Its first European showcase of CinemaVR and PolygonVR technology will happen during Gamescom 2017 this month.

Wargaming.net has supported VR and augmented reality (AR) in various forms over the last couple of years. Promotions have included a partnership with the Tank Museum at Bovington, as well as creating content for other museums around the world, such as the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the RAF Museum, and the Pacific Battleship Centre.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Wargaming.net, reporting back with further VR updates.

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